Activities of Academic Year 2021

SaptDhara - Mission

Swarnim Gujarat Mission for Excellence coincides with Gujarat celebrating its 50th years since the establishment of the state. The Government plans to launch Swarnim Gujarat Mission for Excellence to celebrate this milestone. By 2010, the State proposes to induce renewed spirit and to introduce newer action plans encompassing all walks of life for the betterment of the society by. Under the auspices of Mission for Excellence, the colleges and universities across Gujarat will have to focus various areas of education, art and knowledge for the manifold progress of the youth. These areas of focus are known as Band/Cluster/Spectrum/Continuum/Symphony of Activities(Dharas): Knowledge Band (Gyan Dhara) Creative Expression Band (Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara) Fine Arts Band (Rang, Kala, Kaushalya Dhara) Theatre Band (Natya Dhara) Music and Dance Band (Geet, Sangeet, Nrutya Dhara) Yoga and Sports Band (Vyayam, Yog, Khel-kud Dhara) Community/Social Service Band (Samudaya Seva Dhara)

Following programmes and activities carried out in accordance with the above mentioned clusters:

  • Every student of the college will have to be a part of any one of the seven clusters.
  • Every student, if so desires, can take part in more than one activity.
  • We formed steering committees for each of the seven clusters under the guidance of the principal. Each committee will consist of one teacher and two students- one boy and one girl as its members. The existing committees of the college have to be reorganized as per the above clusters while retaining their existing members or introducing new ones from among the existing teachers.
  • Every student will have to fill up the Admission Form for his/her participation under above cluster/s. After due acceptance of the same by the teacher concerned can the student be a part of a particular cluster/s.
  • Every teacher will also be a part of any one of the above clusters as per his/her own interest/expertise in the respective fields. Two students will invariably be included in each of the committees as student representatives. The principal will keep interest/expertise of teachers as well as students while selecting them under above clusters.
  • Teachers can be part of more than one cluster if they have interest/expertise in respective clusters.
  • Each cluster will be managed by the respective Steering Committee. However, the college will have an Executive Committee consisting of the principal as the Head of the committee and the in-charge teacher of College NSS Unit and General Secretary of the Student Union of the college as its members. The Executive Committee will be responsible for implementation of the Mission for Excellence and the same will be answerable to the Department of Higher Education in this regard.
  • Every college is supposed to introduce a chapter on SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music & Culture Amongst Youth). Through this activity, students will have better exposure to the Indian Classical Music, Dance and its Maestros. SPIC MACAY provides ideal platform for students to experience and realize Indian culture through performances of music and dance. Visit the website for more details on SPIC MACAY.
  • Colleges have to submit detailed report on all programmes and activities carried out under the Mission for Excellence to their respective university and the Commissioner of Higher Education. College will also have to include the same report in their Annual Magazine and will have to display the same on their websites for easier documentation of these activities across the State.
  • Colleges are supposed to plan out their Academic Calendar in such a manner that they carry out activities and implement practices under the aforesaid seven clusters not only during the current academic year but also in the years to come.

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