Activities of Academic Year 2021


When it comes to the social activities under education campus, no university can overlook this issue. As we all know, after the students graduate from the university and colleges, most of them will enter into sophisticated society, in which social interaction is necessary. It cannot be denied that those social activities on campus can help the students a lot. For example, from A variety of associations funded by the university and colleges, students can have more opportunities to communicate with each other, learn about their own weaknesses and then improve themselves gradually.
Undoubtedly, the standard of the education should not be changed, as the university and colleges support the establishment of the classes and libraries in order to offer students a better studying environment. However, during several years, the students should aim to gain both knowledge and the all-round development; which is advocated wildly in today's world. Therefore, university and colleges have the responsibility to improve the facilities of all-round respects, especially the social activities which have been always overlooked in the past.
All in all, to foster the students in an all-round way, we emphasis on the social activities more and offer enough financial support for such kind of tasks.

Social Activities by Staff and Students

During the past years our students has done so many social activities like wise: Helping orphanage with providing their routine equipments, Helping the Old age homes with the fund for one day food and spending time with them, By doing tree plantation every year, By i-Follow (traffic awareness program), By educating poor little children and so many other things. Every year we organize a Blood donation camp in which our students and staff members donates blood.

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