Activities of Academic Year 2021


There is no doubt education is secret key of human success and the roots of education lie on competition. A child is born without knowledge and skills, and they continuously participate in competitions every part of the life, developing skills and knowledge through a learning process.
Education and completions are very closely related as competitions are put in education for the development of educational skills. Indeed, without competitions, we cannot imagine education. A student has to fight in admission tests and once he/she has passed, he/she admitted in the institution. Then the institution arranges several kinds of competitions that enhance the knowledge as well as skills of a student. The exam itself is a biggest competition where a student competes to surpass others.

Inter-collegiate Competitions

At our college we are encouraging our students to take part in various IT competitions held in different IT college of the city as well state and other states. Every year our students takes part in such competitions . The competition fees and other required transportation allowances are provided by the Trust management to encourage the efforts of students. We are also conducting an online test of all subjects every semester for all the students of our college.


We had organized inter college IT event for first time in our college on 21st December 2012. It was consisting total 5 different competitions: C/C++ coding (codeIT) , web application development (webIT), Online IT quiz (quizIT), IT presentation (visionIT), poster making competition (pasteIT). In these events in total 177 student entries came for participation from 17 colleges of VNSGU and total 8 winners and 8 runners-up were declared in this event. All the students got prizes for winner & runners-up and certificates are given to the participants. After successful first year, our management always supported us in organizing the event every year in the even semecter of the year for university and state level BCA colleges.

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