Activities of Academic Year 2021


Cultural tendencies impact the way children participate in education. The table below describes different expectations about "normal" school behavior for students from individualist and collectivist cultures As you review this information, take a moment to think about how teachers who lack knowledge about culture might interpret the behavior of a child from a collectivist culture These differences may cause educators to inaccurately judge students from some cultures as poorly behaved or disrespectful In addition, because cultural differences are hard to perceive, students may find themselves reprimanded by teachers but fail to understand what they did that caused concern.

College has organized interclass cultural competitions to explore hidden talent of students like

  • Mehendi / Tattoo making Competitions
  • Rakhi / Hair style making competitions
  • Drawing/ Poster making Competitions
  • Thali / Matki decoration competitions
  • Rangoli Competition
  • Best out of waste competition
  • For annual function: different dances, drama as well as songs are also performed for which students are trained by faculties.

Students are also encouraged for participating under various cultural activites organized at inter college level under the SaptDhara at different Colleges of University.

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