Prof. V.B. Shah Institute of Management and R.V. Patel College of Commerce, Amroli was started with a mission of creating a cadre of professionals with specialized skills in managerial perspectives along with a heightened sense of moral and social responsibility. It is clear from the mission itself that the endeavor of the institute is not only to educate. to train and to provide expertise to the students in management skills, but also to make better citizens out of them. Hence, the institute does not restrict itself to be known as a teaching institute, rather, it considers itself to be a training-cum-grooming institute for the students.



        To empower the students by instilling in them the principles of overall development and to make them completent in all walks of life.



         To assist the students unleash their potential in academic, sports, cultural, social and managerial spheres by creating opportunities and generating awareness in the same.



  • Enabling the students realize their potentiality for their progress

  • Making them competent in the managerial domains.

  • Enriching their aptitude in the commercial spheres.

  • Nurturing values, morals and ethics among the students.

  • Ingraining the principles of good citizenship for national development.