Since the establishment of institute, the system of proxy lectures has been implemented so that syllabus completion is 100% which also provides scope for the much needed revision tasks and substantiates the teaching process.



Students are selected randomly and are assigned the task of collecting enrichment material with respect to the topics being taught currently. The proxy lectures are used for such sessions wherein, the material collected by the respective students is displayed to the class.



The lecturers in English also conduct workshops and vocabulary games to enrich the student's knowledge in English and to enhance their vocabulary and improve their communication skills.



The faculty members conduct workshops in English , Management, Commerce, etc. to accentuate the learning process.



Attempts have been made to nurture value education among the students during national festivals. They are made aware about national integration, respect to the national flag, emblem, song and anthem. On 15th August, the students participate in rallies organized by the institute and they collect the national flags thrown on the roadsides. Such a task generates admiration of the nation and creates zest in them.



Subject-wise evaluation blue-prints have been formulated by the departments of the colleges. This method ensures a systematic and a cohesive assessment pattern.


  • Extra-Curricular Activities:  To bring out the hidden talents of the students, the college organizes various interclass competitions like Rangoli competion, Mehndi Competition, Theme-based painting competition, Debate competition, Greeting card designing competition, Product and logo designing competition etc. almost every week

  • Bridge Courses :   In order to enhance the student's competence in the English language' the faculty members of the English department have planned a 10 Day bridge course so that the students in the Gujarati medium can improve their vocabulary.


A two-day ICT Workshop for teachers had been organized wherein the faculty members were taught the importance of merging ICT with class room teaching so that better output can be ensured. The faculty members were taught the usage of OHP, PowerPoint Presentation and other technological sids. It is noteworthy that after the workshop many faculty members have started using ICT and the students have also welcomed such a more.



The nation-wide list of the researchers and their topic of research is given in the University News  Journal. A copy of it is kept on the notice board.



Since 2006-2007, the B.B.A students of our college have been entrusted the responsibility of managing the "SITA-Expo" organize by Southern Gujarat Information Technology Association.  Students are selected from the first, second and third year of B.B.A. They are then groomed for the particular event management. Their services and participation are recognized by awarding shield & certificate. It is an honour to say that every year students eagerly look forward to this event to be a part of the same. If the number of entries exceed than required, they are selected by the faculty members by conducting group discussions.


  • Community Task Force Committee :  The College has welfare committee which comprises few students & faculty. This committee conduct activities for the help of local community.

  • Multi-purpose Hall :  The college uses the multipurpose hall for various activities like sport activities, functions, workshops, seminars, events etc.

  • Campus Interviews :  The college has also invites the different companies for talking campus interview of the students. like Reliance Money etc.

  • Industry Visit:  The college organized industry visits for the students once in a year where they can also get practical knowledge like Himson Industry in Surat, Sumul Dairy in Surat etc.

  • Educational Tours :  The college organized educational tour where the students can get practical knowledge about the topic which they learned in theoretical basis in class.

  • Book Review Programmes:  Library is not only used for reading purpose but also college organized library related activities like book review given by students as well as staff members every Monday and the college has also organized interclass competition in book review for students

  • Book Exhibition :  The college arranges "BOOK EXHIBITION" wherein the students as well as the staff members display their collection of books, Students also readily volunteer and supervise the proceedings.


There is a library fan-club for the students to motivate them for the activities related to the library. The activities of the club are duly displayed on the notice board and the students desiring to participate register their names to the librarian or the assistant librarian.